Industar-50, 50/3.5, Elmar Type, Chrome

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Industar-50, 50/3.5, Elmar Type, Chrome

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The Industar-50 is one of the most successful Soviet made lenses. It was a standard or optional lens on practically every Zorki camera, from Zorki-S in the mid 50’s to Zorki-4K in the mid 70’s. The lens was also made in a M39 and M42 SLR mounts and was installed (standard or optional) on every Zenit model as well, from Zenit-S to Zenit-E. It came in different shapes and finishes, from a chrome collapsible Elmar-style lens to a black “pancake” Zenit lens.
The optical formula was always the same (Leitz Elmar 50/3.5), the lens produced sharp and contrasty images.

This Industar-50 is the Elmar-type collapsible version. It was primarily used on the Zorki-5, but was also sold separately. The Industar-50 was also a popular enlarger lens.

  • Focal length
50 mm

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Weight 1.1 lbs

10 reviews for Industar-50, 50/3.5, Elmar Type, Chrome

  1. Tony Muccitelli

    This lens is a good performer that makes the camera easy and convenient to carry. It makes an excellent second or backup to a regular rigid mount lens. I would say that this lens is a very good value. As usual Yuri does a fine job with delivery and support of his products.

  2. Fernando Gomes Semedo

    Yuri picked out a nice example for me. I’m very happy with the lens. Yuri’s customer service is second to none even for pesky customers like me.

  3. Marlon Beltran

    Yuri is a true professional who treats his clients as such. The Industar 50 chrome collapsible lens is every bit the “excellent” rating he has given it. I am very pleased and will certainly buy my next Fed 2 from him! Thank you, Yuri =^)

  4. Joaquin Novak-Zarate

    Excellent lens. No fogging or haze of any kind. Lens looks brand new! The shipping was fast as always and I will continue to buy from Yuri

  5. Paul Thomas

    I’m a big fan of the Industar lenses, especially the Industar-50. There’s a creamy smooth, jewel-like sharpness to these lenses and performs brilliantly in just about all lighting conditions (albeit, the I-50 is a bit flare prone when pointed directly at a strong light source). The Industar-50 is simply an excellent lens.

  6. john hancock

    Hi, recieved my Industar-50 3.5 collapsible lens today. Thank you very much for selling it to me at the price you did. It is even better than how you described it. A jewel of craftmanship, and really smooth to use. Thank you again and I count myself lucky to have been advised to buy from you.
    John Hancock

  7. Erik Reek

    This is a very nice lens and Yuri gave me the right kind of advice.

  8. jared delariman

    I did not expect such an old lens to be in such good condition when I got it from Immaculate and great performer for its age, this lens was definitely well taken care of by Yuri. I won’t be buying my Russian lenses anywhere else!

  9. Jared Delariman

    I have quite a few Industar prime lenses, and this is my favorite lens by far.

    The lever gives great focusing control. The placement of the aperture control is a little strange, being at the front of the lens. I love it’s compactness, the “old-school” design is so darned sexy, and image quality is very good. Highly recommended!

  10. tuan tran

    Thanks for all your help Yuri! This lens came in great working order and butter smooth focus. It’s image and build quality exceeds my expectations. My number one site for Russian bodies and lenses!

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