Industar-61, 55/2.8, Black/Chrome (Zebra)

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This lens replaced its predecessor Industar-26m as a standard lens on the FED-3 and early FED-4 cameras. The optical design of the Industar-26m was improved and aperture stop-clicks were introduced.

This is one of the newer multicoated LTM lens made by the Soviet (now Ukrainian) photo industry. It is sharp and contarsty, with smooth focusing action and the aperture click-stops. The lens later evolved in all-black Industar-61LD.

Focal length   53 mm

Aperture   1:2.8 (from 2.8 to 16), Click-stop settings.

Field of coverage   45 Deg

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Weight 2 lbs

2 reviews for Industar-61, 55/2.8, Black/Chrome (Zebra)

  1. Bryan Rieth

    This is a great lens, very sharp and contrasty. Also looks great with a black zorki/leica. Only draw back is that the lens slightly obsures the corner of the leica II’s veiwfinder, but not that big of a deal.

    Shipping was very reasonable, and very the order was processed quickly.

    Highly recomended as a rigid 50mm.

  2. Jared Delariman

    I often debate over which lens is my favorite this on or my Industar 50 (collapsible).

    I like the 50 for it’s sexy and compact look. I like the 61LD for its detail, contrast, image quality. Most of all, it’s the only lens that I have (even compared to modern ones) that seems to prevent chromatic aberrations especially when one uses a digital camera body.

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