Industar-26m, 50/2.8 With Focusing Lever


Industar-26m, 50/2.8 With Focusing Lever

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The Industar-26m was a
standard lens on the FED-2 (starting from FED-2 type b).

It is sharp and contarsty, with smooth
focusing action. The lens later evolved in the
Industar-61, when aperture click-stops were added.

  • Focal length
52 mm (marked as 5cm)
  • Aperture
1:2.8 (from 2.8 to
  • Field of coverage
  • Focusing
1 m – Infinity
  • Filter size
M40.5×0.5 mm
  • Optical registration (back focus)
28.8? 0.02 mm
  • Mount
M39x1 mm (LTM). The
lens mounts and RF couples with any Leica or Leica copy (FED, Zorki etc.)
  • The glass is coated; the barrel has chrome finish.

This Industar-26m version has a small focusing lever, similar to the one found on the collapsible FED lens. It was made in the mid- to late 1950’s. The lens
is in exc.- condition, the glass is clean with some minor cleaning marks.

If you have a screwmount Leica (or Leica copy) and want
to have a sharp coated lens on it – try this Industar-26m, you will not be disappointed!

It is shown mounted on a Leica IIIC (not included).

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