Jupiter-11, 135/4, Chrome

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Jupiter-11, 135/4, Chrome

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The Russian Jupiter-11 is a high quality telephoto lens. It was made in many different mounts – some are well-known (Leica, Contax), some are original Soviet designs
(Zenit-4, Kiev-10 etc.). It is an optical copy of the prewar Zeiss Sonnar


  • Focal length
135 mm
  • Aperture

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Weight 2 lbs

1 review for Jupiter-11, 135/4, Chrome

  1. Paul Thomas

    This is a very impressive lens!

    The aluminium body keeps the lens light. When I attached the Jupiter-11 to my Zorki-4 I didn’t have that weighty, unbalanced, cumbersome feel I’ve experienced with other telephoto lenses.

    The lens is sharp as a pin and produces crisp, constrasty images. Both the focus and the aperture adjustment were very smooth and easy. The lens was used but well cared for with only a few very minor scuff marks. All in all, a very nice telephoto lens for your FED or Zorki!

    Yuri’s frequent order status updates, speedy shipping and care with packing the lens is always very much appreciated.

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