Industar-26m, 50/2.8 With Focusing Ring

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Industar-26m, 50/2.8 With Focusing Ring

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The Industar-26m was a
standard lens on the FED-2 (starting from FED-2 type b).

It is sharp and contarsty, with smooth focusing action. The lens later evolved in the Industar-61, when aperture click-stops were added.

  • Focal length
52 mm
  • Aperture
1:2.8 (from 2.8 to 16)
  • Field of coverage
45 Deg
  • Focusing
1 m – Infinity
  • Filter size
M40.5×0.5 mm

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Weight 2 lbs

3 reviews for Industar-26m, 50/2.8 With Focusing Ring

  1. Jared Delariman

    This lens is often overshadowed by its newer sibling, the Industar 61LD. But this lens definitely has its own very distinct characteristics.

    It’s just as sharp as the 61LD — however the added contrast caused by the 61LD’s lens makes the image “seem” sharper.

    What I like about this lens that it produces very smooth bokehs. It has 10 aperture blades as opposed to the 61LD’s 6 blades. It also doesn’t hurt that this silver lens looks great on my Sony NEX.

  2. Jesse Hearndon

    Yuri!!!! Just got my 26m in today, wow!!! Flawless copy, no fungus, aperture marks and all letter markings are perfect! Aperture blades are crisp and have no oil, you couldn’t get a better copy if you went back in a time machine to 1958 in the Soviet Union and bought one new!

    The barrel is the kind of brushed aluminum look that you see on old Soviet MiG-15 fighter jets. I just can’t get over how clean this lens is!

    The focus feels smooth as does the aperture ring, very fluid motion. Don’t let the 2.8 fool you, this lens is a performer! Russian optics are top notch with the FED series and this lens is no exception.

    Well done buddy, you have a customer for life!

  3. Alan Logan

    Thank you Yuri for your personal service when it came to assisting me in a search for Jupiter 3 & 8 lenses and a Zorki 1body which I wanted in very good to excellent condition.
    I am extremely happy with my purchases and highly recommend

    Sydney – Australia

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