Jupiter-3, 50/1.5, Chrome


Jupiter-3, 50/1.5, Chrome, 1950

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Russian Jupiter-3lens in Leica Threadmount
This lens is a copy of a Zeiss Sonnar 50/1.5. It was initially made for the Kiev line in Contax/Kiev bayonet mount and later produced in Leica thread mount.

Focal length: 52.4 mm
Aperture 1:1.5 (from 1.5 to 22)
Focusing 1 m – Infinity
Filter size M40.5×0.5 mm
Optical registration (back focus) 28.8 +/-0.02 mm
Mount M39x1 mm (LTM). The lens mounts and RF couples with any Leica or Leica copy (FED, Zorki etc.)

The glass is coated, the barrel has a chrome finish.
The lens is in EXC- condition, there are some minor cleaning marks on the front element, signs of age on the barrel. These flaws are very minor and would not affect image quality or lens performance in any way. The focusing is smooth.
The Jupiter-3 comes with both caps.
The Jupiter-3 was sold as a high-end option on some Zorki cameras (Zorki, Zorki-2S, Zorki-3 to name a few).
The lens is shown mounted on a Leica IIIa (not included).

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