Jupiter-12, 35/2.8 Black

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Jupiter-12, 35/2.8 Black

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The Russian Jupiter-12 is a high quality wide-angle lens for the Leica type rangefinder cameras.
It is a copy of prewar Zeiss Biogon and is regarded as one of the best Soviet made lenses, in both 39 mm LTM and Contax RF mounts.


Additional information

  • Focal length
35.7 mm
  • Aperture
1:2.8 (settings from 2.8 to 22)
  • Field of coverage
62 Deg 50′
  • Focusing
1 m – Infinity
  • Filter size
M40.5×0.5 mm
Weight 2.5 lbs

9 reviews for Jupiter-12, 35/2.8 Black

  1. john haeger

    Great lens!!! You may pay alittle more here but it is well worth it .Shipping is fast thank you very much john

  2. Thomas Berthe

    This is a very contrasty, crisp lens. It well out performs my pre-war 35 Elmar, which is actually my only complaint, in that it lacks the personality that makes the Elmar my favourite lens. It prints more like a Summaron I’ve had in the past. I use it mostly for low light photography, where the extra speed and contrast are really appreciated. This a truly great lens and value.

  3. Valter Francini

    very good, I appreciate the contrast, the definition and the total uniformity of exposure.

  4. James Sergey

    This ia very smooth, sharp lens. It has almost become my standard lens for my FED-2, especially in available light settings. It is a fun lens to use, and it is nice to buy Russian eqipment that is in great shape; the lens is absolutely clean and clear.

  5. Paul Thomas

    This is an excellent wide angle lens and simply can’t be beat for pin point sharpness and edge-to-edge clarity. The focus is smooth as is the aperture adjustment which is set insde the outer lens housing.

    As always, Yuri’s excellent customer service and prompt shipping are second to none!

  6. David Kinchen

    Received my Jupiter-12 and mounted it, with the proper LTM to bayonet adapter, on my Leica M6. I was shooting 200 speed Kodak color print film and was delighted with the quality of the images produced by this lens. Since collectors have cornered the market on Leica lenses, except for ugly specimens, this affordable former Soviet Union optic represents the best possible deal for photographers who actually use their cameras. I only wish it would couple with my Bessa R, but I’m happy to say that this will be the normal lens for my M6. I recommend it without reservation for Leica users.

  7. Michael McCullough

    Super-fast shipping! Yuri sent me a fantastic lens. He’s always a pleasure to work with when shopping for gear.

  8. Tim Kirkland

    Bought a Jupiter 12- 35mm lens to use on my Leica. Since I seldom use a wide angle I thought that the Jupiter would be a viable alternative to spending nearly $1000 for a Leica brand wide angle. Was surprised and extremely pleased at the quality of the lens. It really produces QUALITY images on slide film that show well. Sharp,sharp, sharp. The Russian lens are a best kept secret in the photo world–if they ever start producing products for the new DSLR’s the major lens producers in Asia will have some real competition and at reasonable prices.

  9. Nate Matos

    At first I was unsure of purchasing a lens from Fedka, the premium over various sellers on eBay seemed to be too much. But when I needed a J-12 fast (shipping on eBay was around a month) I sucked it up and bought one here.

    I will never buy russian camera gear from anywhere else now.

    I could not believe the condition of the lens, it looked to be brand new. No scuffs on the body or glass (and with that huge rear element that is a feat!), the paint had not worn, all of the markings looked as sharp as they did when the lens was made. Focus and aperture adjustments were silky smooth.

    The lens was also packaged very well and arrived faster than I even expected!

    Great sharp contrasty lens for a phenomenal price.

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