Russar MR-2, 20/5.6 with 20 mm Finder


Russar MR-2, 20/5.6 with 20 mm Finder

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This is one of the most desirable and uncommon Russian LTM lenses.

The 20 mm Russar is sharp and contrasty, very compact and is a lot of fun to use.

The lens is not RF-coupled, and there is no need for this feature, as its depth-of-field is very deep. Even if you forgot to focus, you picture will come out sharp.

The Russar comes with its original 20 mm accessory finder, which can pivot on its shoe for parallax correction. The finder’s glass is somewhat hazy, but fully usable.
The lens and the finder come in plastic cases. Camera is shown for illustration only and is not included. The lens comes with a rear cap.

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