FED, 50/3.5, Elmar Type, Chrome

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FED, 50/3.5, Elmar Type, Chrome

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Industar-22 Collapsible

FED 50/f:3.5
Lens in Leica Threadmount

The FED 50mm collapsible lens
design was “borrowed” from Leitz Elmar. This lens appeared first on the
first FEDs in the 1930’s and is was also known as Industar-10. In the
late 1940’s this design was handed over to the KMZ factory and the Industar-22
was born.

The FED 50/f:3.5 design and appearance stayed virtually
unchanged for decades, but the optical parameters were constantly improving.
Restitution increased, coating appeared in the early 1950’s. By the mid
1950’s the lens was “finalized”, and the later versions of the
lens are sharp and contrasty, well suited for black and white and color

The FED is of the same quality as the Industar-22
and Industar-50, and it was made exclusively by the FED factory in Kharkov.

This lens is the later version, which offers the
best optics and the best finish.

Technical Characteristics


52 mm


settings from 3.5 to 16

of Coverage (35mm film)
45 deg


1 m –


36 mm
slip-on type

elements in 3 groups, click
to see drawing

registration (back focus)

28.8 +/-
0.02 mm

mm (LTM). The lens mounts and RF couples with any Leica or Leica copy
(FED, Zorki etc.)
chrome, Matte chrome

No lenscap
The lens is shown mounted on a Leica IIIa (not included).

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

3 reviews for FED, 50/3.5, Elmar Type, Chrome

  1. Greg Urban

    I bought one of these lenses for use on a FED 3 and a Voigtlander Bessa R. One is not supposed to use collapsible lenses on a Bessa but I put two O-rings on the lens barrel to prevent it from collapsing too far into the Bessa body. Works great and TTL metering is fine. Yuri was a pleasure to deal with and this lens is a great performer.

  2. Darren Katin

    I bought this lens to go with my Fed-2, which I also bought from this site. I really like how this lens is collapsible, it makes the camera its mounted on a very pocketable camera.

    The lens is a stellar performer and gives great images with a very distinct look from the era it was made.

    I liked the small detail to attention when I bought the lens from Yuri, like the foam padding that was replaced on the back of collapsible section of the camera.

    Thanks a ton Yuri.

  3. Yi Wen

    Tested the lens (flat tab/spring version) on Leica IIIF and it focus properly at close distance.

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