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The FED was the first Leica II(D) copy made in the Soviet Union. Its production started in 1934 and lasted till 1955 with an interruption in 1941-1946
during WWII. At least seven different variations of the FED are known.

This FED is a type 1g by Princelle or type 6 by McKeown. It has a new FED logo engraved on the top plate. This model was in production in 1953-1955.

  • Shutter speeds – B, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/250, 1/500.
  • The lens is a collapsible FED, F=5 cm, 1:3.5, 39 mm LTM, coated. This lens is a copy of Leitz Elmar 50/3.5.
  • As a true Leica copy, the FED accepts the whole range of Leica threadmount lenses.

This FED is in EXC condition, the chrome is clean overall, the vulcanite covering is clean and complete.

The shutter is working on all speeds. The RF and VF are clear and sharp. The lens is in EXC condition as well: clean in and out, with some faint cleaning marks on the front element (they are minor and will not affect image quality).

This FED co

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  1. Rogelio Marcos

    My first russian camera and I was not disappointed. I would definitely buy one again and only from Yuri because of his fast, reliable and honest service. What he grade as good is actually excellent. The camera focus accurately and the shutter works perfectly as evidenced by the pictures I took. The heft, compactness, dials everywhere, total control and collapsible lens harkens back to an older time when they are made by craftsmen, even the time consuming bottom loading add to the pleasure of its use. Thank you, Yuri.

  2. Gert Bosma

    My Fed 1g was iffy in the beginning: it needed cleaning and adjustment.

    For historical reasons of this camera, the overhaul was done by a professional in Russia.

    I ended up with a classical Leica based sturdy rangefinder camera, which can be collapsed and can be carried in a jeans pocket…
    OK, I don?t do this, but it fits.

    Never think it?s an old fashioned camera. The design is vintage, but it has all the features any rangefinder has.

    Guaranteed, you make some statement when using such a camera.
    People are focused on cameras.

    O yes, they do make nice photos too.

  3. Paul Thomas

    The FED 1g is a jewel of a camera and anyone who purchases one will not be disappointed.

    The look is classic, a combination of chrome and enamel, with utilitarian, easy to use controls. The focus is smooth and accurate, the lens sharp and clear. It’s petite size, even with a case, and collapsible lens allows it to easily fit into most coat pockets. The FED 1g has the aura of street photography of the golden age.

    Don’t be put off by cutting the film leader to the required length or loading the film from the bottom. There are numerous tutorials on the ‘net to assist you and once you load the film, it’s a snap thereafter. Don’t try the various cheats such as setting the camera to “B” or using business cards, though! The correct method is the best and it really is easy.

    As usual, Yuri’s wonderful customer service and lighting fast shipping are A+ … I’m completely satisfied with the FED 1g.

  4. Paul Ramponi

    I’ve bought and used several FSU cameras over the years. I didn’t need another but had heard so many good things about Yuri that I checked the site.

    The FED 1g I got from Yuri is a quantum leap above the other stuff I’ve used. It’s obvious the camera has been CLA’d. All the controls function smoothly and work correctly. Bottom loading takes getting used to but it’s not difficult. The best part is reconnecting with film.

    It’s also very compact with the collapsible lens. Recommended highly. Also, Yuri’s condition ratings are honest and somewhat conservative. You know you are getting as good, or better, than described and that’s refreshing.

  5. Marlon Beltran

    The Fed 1g is a direct descendant of the Leica II, and I like the strong resemblance to the original. It is just as well-balanced and workable as the Leica II. All the controls are easy to manipulate. The viewfinder is amazingly bright for its size, and the focusing is very easy. I don’t think I could find a better Fed 1g from anybody else but Yuri. He always gives me what I want =)

  6. Stephen Mack

    I had purchased two other cameras in quick succession from Yuri this past summer (2009), and I was very happy with them. But the FED 1g holds a special place in my collection. It came with the collapsible Elmar- copy lens, take-up spool and a neat leather case. (The straps were rotted through on one side, but I cut them off and I now have a pocket(able) rangefinder camera!)

    Since I seem to take forever to work my way through a roll of film, I just now got back my first roll of color film through the camera. I was very pleased with the pictures; there were a few overexposed shots but that was my fault, not the camera’s. This camera is my go-to, carry-everywhere-with camera and I’m looking forward to putting B/W film through it.

    It has a nice solid feel to it, bottom loading is a lot easier than it looks, and the lens is a wonderful little gem: clean, coated, and it works very well indeed. I would definitely buy another FED 1g.

    BTW: Yuri’s customer service is second to none. I’ve yet to find anyone who gets back to you as fast as he does. I’ve taken delivery on all of my purchases from him in less than a week.

    If you’re looking for something completely different, I’d get one of these.

  7. Frank Story

    I just bought a FED 1g to replace my 1f and am really pleased with the camera Yuri sent to me. It’s in much better shape that my old 1f was when I received it from the Ukraine. The shutter and wind are really smooth on my 1g and I expect to get a lot of good use from it. Thanks again Yuri, it’s always a pleasure to do business with you.

  8. Eugene Szolis

    I ordered my FED 1G on Friday. It shipped Monday and I received it Wednesday. I opened the box to find a professionally packed camera body. It was very clean, and everything appears to be exactly as it should be. These are wonderful little cameras! I bought a Zorki 1 elsewhere and for more that they charge here and on the first roll discovered a serious issue with the rubberized coatings on the shutter. I had to send it back to Ukraine to hopefully be repaired properly, which will likely take about 2 months for the process. This FED was bought to allow me to use a similarly designed camera, to try out a FED and FEDKA.COM. I am very pleased at this point. The shutter on this FED looks brand new and it fires very smoothly. I can’t wait to shoot some film. If I can update this I’ll post links to my results.

  9. Eugene Szolis

    Update, link to one of my first photos with this unit. this is to Flickr…

    Love this little camera!

  10. Joseph Bishop

    After much research I came across Fedka.com, and so glad I spent the extra on a camera I know is working properly. Just ran my first roll through the 1g and am very pleased. I was also pleasantly surprised that it came with the case.

  11. Stephen Mack

    I ordered this camera to replace a FED 1g which I had purchased from Yuri a couple of years ago; I thought it was broken. Turns out it wasn’t broken, so now I have two working copies of this camera. With the case, and the lens retracted, I’ve got a real pocket camera. I orderd an I-26m lens for it, but this lens blocks part of the viewfinder, so I’ll be ordering another collapsible FED for it. As usual, Yuri gave me prompt service and it looks like this particular camera just came from the factory! I’ll be ordering again. Thank you again, Yuri!

  12. jackgarton (verified owner)

    I bought this camera from Yuri, I am delighted with the quality of the FED 1g and the excellence service by Yuri, he is definitely the “go to” person for vintage Russian cameras and other associated equipment

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