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The FED-2 is the first and very successful attempt by Soviet camera makers to improve upon the original Leica design, which was copied in the FED 1 for two decades. TheĀ  camera has the following new features – a removable back cover, a new, wide base, rangefinder coupled with a viewfinder, a dioptric adjustment of the VF and strap lugs. As any Soviet Leica copy this FED-2 is compatible with the 39 mm Leica TM lenses.

The body and the back cover were cast, which made the camera more rigid than the original FED. The shutter and the film transport mechanism were also redesigned and work very smoothly. There were many modifications made to the FED-2 during its production from the mid 1950’s to 1970.

This FED-2 body is type b (by Princelle), made in the 1960’s.

Shutter speeds: B, 1/25 – 1/500,

The FED-2 is in exc- condition, clean and attractive. The finish is clean, the covering is complete. The RF/VF is clear and sharp.

This FED-2 comes complete with a take-up spool.

This FED-2 is a capable use

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5 reviews for FED-2 Body

  1. David Wilkinson

    This fine camera handles better than the Leica 111f’s I have owned, and build quallity is surprisingly good !, the long-base rangefinder is more accurate and visible, and shutter and wind mechanisms silky-smooth!.
    A handsome body, that I was imediately comfortable with, – Incidently-it was ordered on Saturday, and at my home (UK) by Thursday!! Thanks-Yuri, – I’ll be back!

  2. Darren Katin

    This if my first Formet Soviet Union rangefinder. My first impression is the solid build of these cameras, they feel very sturdy when held.
    The viewfinder has great contrast which makes focusing easy and smooth. A nice surprise is the diopter adjust which makes life easier for people who wear glasses.

    Im really glad my first FSU rangefinder came from Yuri, you really get what you pay for and he sells top notch stuff. He’s also really great with making sure the camera works right.

    Thanks again Yuri, Ill definitely be back for more rangefinders!

  3. Marlon Beltran

    I consider the Fed 2b as the improvement over the Fed 1g, and a Russian original. Though it’s a little larger than the Fed 1g, it makes up for it with the wider viewfinder base, the detachable back for easier film loading (you don’t have to cut a long leader), and a bigger viewfinder. It is a must-have for the rangefinder user/collector, and film shooter as is the Fed 1g. This camera is tough, and will outlive an owner or two!

  4. Charles Dickinson

    Fed 2b is a joy to use with the Industar 61 L/D lens. Developed first rolls today. Sharp & contrasty. I will enjoy this camera. First purchase from fedka.com, but must say the item was truly EXC condition.

  5. Roberto Mendoza

    Yuri the blue color Fed2 was nice and clean, very happy with what you send me. saving up for a J12 and Industar zebra if you can reserve them for me till mid november. will gladly order my next purchase. Thanks a lot.

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