FED-2 with Industar-26m Lens

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FED-2 with Industar-26m Lens

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The FED-2 is the first and very successful attempt by Soviet camera makers to improve upon the original Leica design, which was copied in the FED 1 for two decades. The camera has the following new features – a removable back cover, a new, wide base, rangefinder coupled with a viewfinder, a dioptric adjustment of the VF and strap lugs. As any Soviet Leica copy this FED-2 is compatible with the 39 mm Leica TM lenses.

The body and the back cover were cast, which made the camera more rigid than the original FED. The shutter and the film transport mechanism were also redesigned and  work very smoothly. There were many modifications made to the FED-2 during its production from the mid 1950’s to 1970.

This FED-2 is type b/c (by Princelle), made in the late 1950’s.   Shutter speeds: B, 1/25 – 1/500, lens: Industar-26m f=50 mm, f:2.8, coated

The FED-2 is in exc. condition, clean and attractive. The finish is clean and nice. The covering is clean and complete.
The RF/VF is clear and sharp. The lens is also clear with some light cleaning marks on the front element. The shutter is working smoothly.

This FED-2 comes complete with a take-up spool and a lenscap.

This FED-2 is a capable user and an desirable collectible camera. You can try any Leica lens on the FED-2, and use its sharp Industar-26m lens with any screwmount Leica.

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10 reviews for FED-2 with Industar-26m Lens

  1. Gerard Kelly

    As a newcomer to rangefinders, not to mention 50-year old cameras, Yuri’s assistance in choosing the right camera and lens was invaluable. Delivery took a week by post (US to Ireland) and the camera was very well packaged. The FED-2 is easy to load and use, works smoothly, and feels robust, and the Industar lens is nice and sharp. I bought from Yuri based on recommendations on various websites, and I’ll happily recommend him to others.

  2. Andrej Gaspari

    The FED-2 Yuri sent me is as nearly flawless as a 50 year-old camera can be – a beautiful specimen (I also ordered a Zorki-6, which is equally impressive). The cameras were delivered quickly and packaged very well. More importantly, Yuri’s service and communication are absolutely top-notch. He responded to questions quickly and was helpful and patient with every request.

  3. Stephanie Theune

    I’m extremely happy with the product and service from Fedka. The camera itself was clean and virtually new, the wear on the case being the only thing really indicating that this was 60 years old! My coworkers who are more experienced with FSU rangefinders ooh’d and ahh’d over the great condition of my FED-2.

    Even when I had a processing problem that I worried may have been a camera issue, Yuri was quick to reply and incredibly accommodating. It turned out that it was the lab and not the camera… which is a good thing because you would have been hard-pressed to pry it out of my cold dead hands. Great customer service makes the business and Fedka’s got it down, pat.

  4. Timothy Turner

    What a fantastic camera! I just shot a test roll of black and white film with this camera and I have to say that it has exceeded my expectations. The Industar-26m is a superb lens and it renders its subjects so beautifully!

    As for customer satisfaction, Yuri is very quick to ship and I received it very quickly; his email responses are quick as well. I have been buying from him since last year (I found this site in 2010) will be buying from him for many years to come. Thank you for caring so much about these wonderful cameras and your customers!

  5. Adam Felchner

    I was looking for a good shooter and my first FSU rangefinder and narrowed it down to a FED-2. Beyond that, I didn’t know which model would be best for me. Yuri helped me choose one that was perfect for my needs. The camera he sent was in fantastic condition and everything was in working order. It’s hard to believe this camera is about 50 years old.

    I got back the first test roll and everything looked great. I can’t wait to run through another roll.

  6. Tim Perry

    The FED-2 I received was in great shape. Yuri answered my emails before I placed an order and helped me pick the right camera. Awesome service and a very cool camera.

  7. Donald Walters

    I am very pleased with the Fed 2 that was selected for me. It operates quite smoothly and the camera and lens look very nice. The delivery was incredible. I am trying to decide what my next purchase will be. Thank you.

  8. David Hamilton

    My Fed-2 arrived today and is in absolutely pristine condition. Buttery smooth and very bright viewfinder.
    I couldn’t be more pleased.

  9. Steven Wagner

    The FED2 camera arrived in good shape, on time, and has been a joy to use.

    The camera works well. The operator, not so well. The first roll of film came out largely blank because I forgot to take off the lens cap.

    I have been very happy with my purchase and the service here at FEDKA.com

  10. François

    Various sources pointed me towards Fedka, and Yuri fulfilled my desire for a FED-2 fitted with a collapsible Industar-22 lens. It is compact, solid, in excellent esthetic condition and operates remarkably smoothly, with new shutter curtains and a sharp clean lens.

    There are plenty of inexpensive FSU cameras available online, but instead of spending time and sweat fixing them I would rather spend time taking pictures. Purchasing a camera with a full CLA from a reputable source is absolutely worth the price. I can unreservedly recommend Fedka and Yuri’s excellent service.


    Plusieurs sources m’ont orienté vers Fedka, et Yuri a réalisé mon désir d’avoir un FED-2 équipé d’un objectif Industar-22 rétractable. L’appareil est peu encombrant, solide, en excellent état esthétique et fonctionne remarquablement bien, avec de nouveaux rideaux d’obturateur et un objectif net et propre.

    Les appareils bon marché de l’ex-Union soviétique sont disponible partout, mais au lieu de passer du temps à les réparer je préfère passer du temps à prendre des photos. L’achat d’un appareil nettoyé, lubrifié et ajusté auprès d’une source réputée vaut absolument le coût. Je ne peux que recommander sans réserve l’excellent service de Fedka et de Yuri.

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