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The FED was the first Leica II(D) copy made in the Soviet Union. Its production started in 1934 and lasted till 1955 with an interruption in 1941-1946 during WWII. At least  seven different variations of the FED are known.

This FED is an early postwar model, type 1f by Princelle or type 5 by McKeown. It has a new FED logo engraved on the top plate along with the “Zd. Im. FEDzerzhinskogo”  engraving (this second engraving disappeared in the next model – type 1g). The shutter release knob is of the newer style, with the cable release thread (it became  a standard feature in 1953 in the FED 1g.


  • Shutter speeds – B, 1/20 – 1/500.
  • The lens is a collapsible FED, F=5 cm, 1:3.5, 39 mm LTM, coated. This lens is a copy of Leitz 50/3.5 Elmar.
  • As a true Leica copy, the FED accepts the whole range of Leica threadmount lenses.

The FED is a nice user and a desirable and uncommon collectible camera. You can try any TM Leica lens with the FED body, and use

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  1. Warren Yee

    I purchased this camera as a gift for a dear friend. It was put to use right away and she loved it! Wishing for a Leica she didn’t think it would be up to her needs as her every day shooter. Now she said it will be hard to pry it out of her hands. It was the perfect non-battery dependant camera she wanted and the right size too. The result from her shoot around with TMAX 400CN she tried were just wonderful she said. I was also impressed by the results her first time use of the camera. It was in excellent shape when it arrived and worked like it was new.

    "Thanks Yuri!" she said.

  2. Bruce Wilcox

    Shipment was very fast. The camera’s condition is better than I expected for its “Good” rating. The first set of color prints are sharp and contrasty. I like the separate rangefinder and viewfinder windows. I am very pleased!

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