Industar-50, 50/3.5 Rigid, Chrome


Industar-50, 50/3.5 Rigid, Chrome

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Industar-50 was a very successful Soviet made lens. It was a standard
or optional lens on practically every Zorki camera, from Zorki-S in the mid
50’s to Zorki-4K in the mid 70’s. The lens was also made in a 39 and 42 mm SLR
mount and was installed (standard or option) on every Zenit model as well, from
Zenit-S to Zenit-E. It came in different shapes and finishes, from a chrome
collapsible Elmar-style lens to a black “flat” Zenit lens. The optical formula
was always the same, the lens produced sharp and contasty images.

This Industar-50 is the newer, rigid barrel design used on the Zorki-4, Zorki-5, Zorki-6 and Mir.

  • Focal length: 50 mm, coated glass, chrome finish.
  • Maximum aperture – 1:3.5 (settings from 3.5 to 16).
  • The lens couples with a RF of any threadmount Leica or Leica copy.

The glass is clear and clean, the finish is clean overall, there are several
blemishes on the chrome coating. Focusing and aperture are smooth.


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