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The FED-5 is the newest FED model and the last LTM camera made in the USSR.  The camera was based on the FED-4 design and has all its features – a removable back cover, a dioptric adjustment of the VF, a self-timer, and a hot shoe. All FED-5 cameras are equipped with the lever advance mechanism.

The FED-5 has a built-in uncoupled light meter – nice and handy feature. The FED-5 is compatible with the 39 mm Leica TM lenses, so it is classified as a Leica type camera.

The body and the back cover are cast, the camera is rigid and stable.

  • Shutter speeds: B, 1 – 1/500

This FED-5 was made in the late 90’s. FED is not using usual Soviet convention in the serial numbers (when the first two digits designate the production year), so it is hard to specify the age of this camera accurately.

Please note:
for normal shutter operation, FED recommends changing shutter speeds after the film is wound and the shutter cocked.


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