Zorki Stereo Attachment, Complete, Rare

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Zorki Stereo Attachment, Complete, Rare

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The Stereo Attachment Kit for Zorki cameras was made by KMZ in 1955-1960, and, according to J-L. Princelle, only “some thousands
were made”. This accessory is uncommon and is very difficult to find. It is a very desirable addition to your Russian camera collection.

The attachment is basically a set of prisms mounted in an aluminum alloy enclosure. A camera is attached to the baseplate of the prism assembly. A 24×36 mm frame now accommodates two images, 16×23 each.


  • Image size: 16×23 mm (one half of the pair)
  • Stereo basis: 65 mm
  • Stereo basis on the film: 19 mm
  • Closest distance to the object: 1.5 m
  • The stereoscope is nicely made, it is adjustable and can be also folded
    in a compact unit.

The Stereo kit was intended be used with t

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Weight 5 lbs

1 review for Zorki Stereo Attachment, Complete, Rare

  1. Frank Vincent

    This is a very good way to try stereo photography with a Zorki. I think this works best if you have a darkroom to print the pictures. The stereo is quite good, especially for near objects. The viewer works well also. This will not fit all Zorki’s, so be sure it will fit the one you have before you buy it. Enjoy!

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