Smena-2, Uncommon


Smena-2, Uncommon

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(CMEHA, “next (young) generation” in Russian) was one of the most affordable Soviet cameras in the 60’s. There
were many models made by two factories (GOMZ/LOMO in Leningrad and BELOMO in
Minsk), but it all started with the original Smena and Smean-2 made by GOMZ
in Leningrad in the early 50’s. This was a  “starter” camera that was given to children. Those successful in guess focusing (I was not one of them
L ) got great results with this light simple camera equipped with a sharp lens.

  • Shutter speeds: B, 1/10, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/200. Type: leaf shutter.
  • Lens: T (Triplet)-22, f = 40 mm 1:4.5, coated, non-removable.

Smena-2 was made of Bakelite, it had a removable back door. There was no rewind
mechanism on this model, and it could only be used with 2 cassettes. The shutter
release lever is on the shutter body, the button on the top of the camera is
a part of a double exposure prevention mechanism. You have to press it to advance
the film.

The camera is in a good condition, nice and clean. Made in 1956. This camera was intended for the domestic market, so it is not common outside the former USSR.



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