Zorki-4K with Jupiter-8 Lens

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Zorki-4K with Jupiter-8 Lens

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The Zorki-4K is the last Zorki model. The Krasnogorsk factory (KMZ) produced this model from 1972 to 1978. It is identical to the Zorki-4, but one important feature was added – the traditional winding knob was replaced with the crank lever.

This camera has the following features – a removable back cover, a rangefinder coupled with a large and bright viewfinder, a dioptric adjustment of the viewfinder, and self-timer. It also features a PC flash socket; the flash sync timing can be set for both electronic flash and a flash bulb. The body and the back cover were cast, which madeĀ  the camera rigid and stable.

As any Soviet Leica type camera, Zorki-4K is compatible with any 39 mm Leica TM lens.

  • Shutter speeds: B, 1 – 1/1000. Please note: for normal shutter operation, KMZ requires changing shutter speeds after the film is wound and the shutter is cocked.
  • Lens: Jupiter-8, f = 50 mm, 1:2, coated, black finish, 39 mm Leica thread mount.

The camera is in EXC

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2 reviews for Zorki-4K with Jupiter-8 Lens

  1. Andres Magnusson

    I bought my second Zorki-4K
    from fedka.com.It was much better than the first one I bought in Prague.The camera was in good shape and the viewfinder of 4k is excellent.
    It has 1.2 or 1.5 magnification and a very good diopter correction, so it is easy to use without glasses.
    So I was very happy until in mid roll I overchoked the shutter and the camera was out of work. The same thing happend to the first one.Now I have 2 non working 4k,s but use happly a Zorki 6 which is doing well with my Jupiter 8 ,9 and 11 lenses. Jupiter 8 is my favorite and is a bargin
    for its price.

  2. Olivier Sylvestre

    I bought my Zorki 4k from Fedka last year and it it in excellent condition for me! I simply love it, it works smoooooothly and it is one of my main street shooters, because although it is not as silent has a Leica, it makes much less noise than my SLRs. Some don’t like FSU cameras: they’ve never tried Fedka cameras.

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