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Zorki 1c

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The Zorki was the second Leica II(D) copy produced by the mighty Soviet photo industry. Krasnogorsk plant joined FED in the “Leica” business in the late 40’s.
The very first Zorkis made by KMZ had FED engraving next to Zorki (named FED-Zorki, quite rare now). From the early 50’s Krasnogorsk was on its own, and many successful LTM rangefinders were made until the glorious line of Zorkis was ended in the mid 70’s.

Any Zorki RF camera accepts the whole range of Leica threadmount lenses.

The original Zorki evolved into Zorki-2, Zorki-S and 2S. Another line was started in 1951 with the Zorki-3 (3M, 3S, 4, 4K). Zorki-5 and Zorki-6 were in production for some time, but were outlived by  Zorki-4 and 4K

This is the third version, type 1c (by Princelle), made in the early 1950’s.

  • Shutter speeds – Z (B), 1/20, 1/30/, 1/40, 1/60, 1/100, 1/200, 1/500.
  • The lens is a collapsible Industar-22, F=5 cm, 1:3.5,coated, a copy of Leitz Elmar.

This Zorki comes complete with a take-up

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2 reviews for Zorki 1c

  1. Thomas Berthe

    This is a wonderfull camera and value. The fit and finish are very functional, the optics are clear and precise.

    Have used a pre-war Leica for many years for hiking and art photography, originally attracted by its compactness (and then) affordability. The increase in value of the small Leicas has made me nervous about knocking it about as I have. The affordability and quality of the Zorki as provided by Fedka is very liberating.

    Service from Fedka was outstanding.

  2. Frank Vincent

    Learn to bottom-load, a simple process, and you can step back to a more conscious approach to taking pictures. Compact and simple, the Zorki 1 can make a winter walk special. I have a picture of a tree by a lake during light snow…Well, you get the picture.

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