Zorki-4 Body 50 Years of October, AS IS


Zorki-4 Body 50 Years of October, AS IS

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The Zorki-4 is the most successful Zorki model. The Krasnogorsk factory produced this model from 1956 to 1973, and even this was not enough – after fitting the Zorki-4 with a crank (Zorki-4K) the camera was in production until 1978.


This camera has the following features – a removable back cover, a rangefinder coupled with a large and bright viewfinder, a dioptric adjustment of the viewfinder, a self-timer and strap lugs. It also features a PC flash socket; the flash sync timing can be set for both electronic flash and a flash bulb. The body and the back cover were cast, which made the camera rigid and stable.

As any Soviet Leica type camera, Zorki-4 is compatible with any 39 mm Leica TM lens.

This Zorki-4 was made in 1967. It features an uncommon “50 Years of Soviet Power” engraving on the top

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