FED-4 Type b Body, AS IS


FED-4 Type b Body, AS IS

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The FED-4
was the fourth major FED modification.
The camera was based on the FED-3b design and has all its features – a removable
back cover, a dioptric adjustment of the VF, and a self-timer. All FED-4 cameras
are equipped with the lever advance mechanism.


The FED-4 introduced a new feature – it was the first FED LTM rangefinder equipped
with a built-in uncoupled light meter. The light meter dials forced the rewind
wheel to the side of the camera – this design solution is unique to the FED-4
model only. The next model, FED-5, had the rewind knob in its usual place – on the
top cover.

The body and the back cover are cast, the camera is rigid and stable.

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