Kiev-Vega 2, 16 mm Submini


Kiev-Vega 2, 16 mm Submini

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In 1960 Arsenal factory (Kiev, Ukraine) decided to add a 16 mm still camera to their well known 35 mm Kievs (Contax copies) and medium format Salyuts (Hasselblad copies). This time is was Minolta-16, which served as a prototype for the Kiev-Vega.

Later the camera was slightly improved and became the Kiev-Vega 2.

Some call this camera a “KGB” or a “spy” camera. Well,
the KGB and the spies did better than this. The Kiev-Vega 2 was just a cool
small camera, nice as a present or as a toy.

Kiev-Vega 2 specifications:

  • Shutter speed: 1/30. 1/60, 1/200
  • Lens: Industar-M, 23mm/3.5 (aperture settings 3.5 to 11), with a focusing dial
  • Film used: 16 mm unperforated
  • Cassette capacity: 45 cm (22 frames)

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