Kiev II, True Contax Copy with Zorki ZK Lens, 1950

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Kiev II, True Contax Copy, 1950

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Russian Early Kiev II Rangefinder, Contax II Copy

The Kiev II is a true Contax II copy and was in production at Arsenal factory in Kiev in 1950-1955.
Kiev II is practically identical to the prewar Contax II – it even features its stabilizing foot on the bottom plate.

This Kiev II was made in 1950, the second production year of this model. The Kiev engraving is of the early type – in Cyrillic only.

Technical Characteristics:

Shutter Speeds: B, 1/2 – 1/1250s
Shutter Type: Focal plane, metal/leather curtains, vertical movement
Rangefinder Base: 90mm
Viewfinder Magnification: 0.9x
Flash Synch: Not available on the Kiev II
Film Type: 35mm film in standard cassettes
Self-timer: 9 to 15 seconds
Lens Mount: Contax Rangefinder Bayonet. Internal and external bayonets are fully compatible with Contax II, III, IIa, IIIa
Body Finish: Chrome, Leather covering

Lens:  Zorki ZK, 50/2, CZJ Sonnar Copy. Most of these early lenses were assembled using ori

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2 reviews for Kiev II, True Contax Copy with Zorki ZK Lens, 1950

  1. jason morse

    The camera exceeded my expectations in every way. Yuri was out of stock in his store and actually pulled a camera from his own private collection to fill my order. The body and leather is in great condition and the unit works perfectly. Mechanically the camera is a true work of art and really shows its German heritage. The lens is in very good condition and only has some very minor cleaning marks which will not effect performance. The fact that this 60 year old device still works is a testament to its superior design and hand made Ukrainian craftsmanship. I am very happy with the Fedka buyimg experience!

  2. Edwin Chen

    The Kiev II that I received from Yuri is in great shape and fully functional. These things are pieces of art, built like tanks and take great pictures! This is my second camera purchased from Yuri and needless to say, he is very knowledgeable and responsive when you reach out to him with questions.

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