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The Kiev 4a is a well known Russian (Ukrainian to be correct) Contax II copy. This was a long running production model – with some slight changes Arsenal factory in Kiev produced it from 1958 to 1980. Kiev-4a is very similar to its predecessor – Kiev IIa, it introduced some sight cosmetic changes.

There were two major Kiev-4a variations – the original Kiev-4a (1958 – c.1974) and the Kiev-4a type 2 (c.1974 -1980). In the Kiev-4a type 2 the Arsenal engineers finally admitted that the top speed of the shutter was seldom as fast as 1/1250, and a more realistic 1/1000 was engraved as a top speed. The last model, Kiev-4am, was in production from 1980 to mid-80’s.

This Kiev-4a was made in 1977, it is a type 2 model.

  • Shutter speeds: B, 1/2 – 1/1000
  • Rangefinder base: 90 mm
  • Flash synch
  • Self-timer

The camera body is in EXC.- condition cosmetically,
clean overall. There are practically no paint scuffs on the edges of the body,
no brassing on the chrome

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Weight 3 lbs

5 reviews for Kiev-4a Body

  1. Paul Thomas

    This is the third Soviet camera I’ve ordered from Fedka and, as with the previous orders, I’m very pleased with both the camera and Yuri’s customer service.

    The Kiev-4a is an excellent camera, in beautiful condition, capable of smooth, precise focusing, with a bright, contrasty rangefinder and the other controls all placed on the camera body for ease of use. It’s a fairly big, hefty camera for a 35mm and once one gets used to the “Contax hold” the real fun begins!

    I ordered my Kiev-4a with a Helios-103 lens and a case. Yuri emailed me to say that with the Helios-103 lens attached to the body the camera case snout was a bit snug. The case would close if I didn’t use a lens cap on the Helios. I had read a lot about the Helios lens online and I do like to have a case where possible so, after a few emails, Yuri came up with an excellent solution: he would include a Jupiter-8M lens free of charge!

    I’ve used both the Helios-103 and the Jupiter-8M lenses and I have to say that while the Jupiter-8M is a great lens, the Helios-103 is simply fantastic. I was really amazed at how crisp and sharp the photos taken with the Helios are. Anyone who gets a Kiev-4a with a Helios-103 lens will not be disappointed!

    Fedka and Yuri are simply the best.

  2. Nikhilesh Sekhar

    EXcellent camera! Exposures and focusing were spot on with my Zeiss sonnar 1.5. Even wide open with slide film under difficult conditions. I am very happy with this product and Yuri! He is a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate to buy another camera or lens from him. His cameras are a bargain and a great value. Pre war quality without an expensive overhaul required.

  3. Donald Walters

    I am so glad I ordered this. The camera looks great, the lens looks NEW, and the shipping is fantastic. Before the week is done, I will have a roll of film through it. I haven’t used my exposure meter in a long time. Back to the basics.

  4. David Factor

    The 1960 Kiev 4a I received is like new. Everything was rebuilt, repaired or replaced. No detail overlooked. Fedka is the most honest and reliable Soviet camera dealer anywhere. It is nuts to buy Russian cameras from anyone else!

  5. jack garton (verified owner)

    I bought the KEV 4A body and a Helios 53mm f1.8 lens.
    I am delighted with the condition, the camera and lens are in top mint condition. Yuri provides first class ,5 star equipment and exemplary service

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