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The Russian Jupiter-9 is a high quality, fast portrait lens for the Contax and Kiev rangefinder cameras. It is a copy of Zeiss Sonnar 85/2.

Jupiter-9 is one of the most desirable Russian lenses in both Contax and Leica (39 mm) mounts. It produces very pleasant images and you can control depth-of-field with a wide range of aperture settings. The lens mounted on a Contax or Kiev has a nice balanced feel.

  • Focal length
84.5 mm
  • Aperture
1:2 (settings from 2 to 22)
  • Field of coverage
18 Deg
  • Focusing
1.15 m – Infinity
  • Filter size
M49x0.5 mm
  • Optical registration
    (back focus)
34.85 +/-0.02 mm
  • Mount
Contax/Kiev External Bayonet
  • Optical design
7 elements in 3 groups
  • The glass is coated;
    the barrel has a polished aluminum/chrome finish

This Jupiter-9 was made in 1961.
The lens in GOOD+ condition and comes with a front cap. There are some cleaning marks/faint scratches on the front element, but they will not affect image quality.

This Jupiter-9 is shown mounted on a Contax II (camera is not included).

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2 reviews for Jupiter-9, 85/2 Chrome

  1. Nikhilesh Sekhar

    I love this lens! Incredibly sharp wide open with glorious Pre war Zeiss Sonnar Bokeh. It works well on my kiev 4a and my amedeo adapter with Leica M3. I can use the Leica’s 90mm frameline to approximate the 85 mm feild of view. This lens is the best money dollar for dollar that I have ever spent on the lens. Thanks Yuri, you have gained a loyal customer.

  2. Paul Thomas

    Yuri picked a beautiful example of this lens for me. As always, Yuri’s customer service can’t be beat!

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