Jupiter-12, 35/2.8 Black

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Jupiter-12, 35/2.8 Black

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The Jupiter-12 is a high quality wide-angle lens for the Contax/Kiev type rangefinder cameras. It is a copy of prewar Zeiss Biogon and is regarded as one of the best Soviet made lenses, in both 39 mm LTM and Contax RF mounts.

  • Focal length
35.7 mm
  • Aperture
1:2.8 (settings from 2.8 to 22)
  • Field of coverage
62 Deg 50′
  • Focusing
0.9 m – Infinity
  • Filter size
M40.5×0.5 mm

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1 review for Jupiter-12, 35/2.8 Black

  1. John Dudley

    Terrific value for the money. I purchased both the Jupiter 12 and the M adapter. I use them on my M2. Superb results. I have difficulty telling the B&W shots of this lens from my Summicron images. My “shot of the year” in 2003 was a company class picture taken with thisl lens at wide open indoors at 1/30. I was very proud of my steadiness and amazed at the sharpness. My only issue with this lens is remembering that the distances are meters. I found an aftermarket long M rear cap that fits the lens with the adapter on, and still fits into the Jupiter case.

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