Jupiter-8, 50/2 Chrome

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Jupiter-8, 50/2 Chrome

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The Russian Jupiter-8 is a high quality normal lens for the Leica Threadmount rangefinder cameras.
It was sold as a standard lens on many cameras – Zorki-3, 3M, 4, 4K, Leningrad, Drug and some others. This lens is a copy of a famous Zeiss Sonnar 50/2.

It was produced in both LTM and Contax/Kiev mount and proved to be one of the most successful Soviet lenses.

  • Focal length
52.3 mm
  • Aperture
1:2 (settings from 2 to 22)
  • Focusing
1 m – infinity
  • Filter size
M40.5×0.5 mm

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2 reviews for Jupiter-8, 50/2 Chrome

  1. Jesse Hearndon

    Major upgrade over the Industar! Optics were perfect on this thing! very smooth focus and looks great on any FED. Skip eBay, buy it from Yuri! Don’t feel like paying for the 1.5, but want low light performance, this is your lens!


    On Yuri’s advice, I sent my 1952 Kiev II to his repairman in Ukraine. The work was done promptly and correctly, and my lens was repaired from “barely adequate” to excellent. From my perspective, Fedka is the only option to avoid playing Russian roulette with former soviet equipment.

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