Finder Universal, 28-135 mm

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Finder Universal, 28-135 mm

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This is a Soviet made Zeiss type Universal Finder , a well constructed and convenient accessory for your rangefinder. This accessory is one of the best items made by the Soviet photo industry.

  • Supports the following focal lengths: 28, 35, 50, 85 and 135 mm.
  • Parallax correcting marks on the turret dial (down to 1 m) and a cross-hair on the image screen.
  • Allows to see the objects beyond the selected frame, which helps to compose the picture (the early models
    only showed the frame).

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6 reviews for Finder Universal, 28-135 mm

  1. Robin Adshead

    If you want to use lenses on your Kiev (or whatever) other than the 50mm, you simply MUST get one of these finders. Not only do they work and, if you get one from Yuri, are totally clean and functional, they add authenticity to the feeling of the vintage camera you use it with.
    Parallax is a problem for the rangefinder camera, but this finder goes at least halfway to solving the problem. You will still need to learn about the "Kentucky windage" and aim off needed for expert results, but it is well worth taking the time and trouble to perfect this skill.
    The finder comes in a well thought out bakelite case to protect the finder and other gear in the camera bag.

  2. James Sergey

    This is fun to use, and I really need it when I am taking my time to set up a shot. It has a real retro look, and almost none of my friends could figure out what it was. It is very well made, and is very clear.

  3. Paul Thomas

    This is an excellent finder. At all settings the image was clear and bright and being able to see outside the frame was helpful in composing the photograph. I found the 50mm setting, due to the position of the finder on the camera, vital in properly composing a photo with my Jupiter-8. The cleverly designed plastic case will keep your finder safe when you’re not using it. All in all, this is a necessity with any lens, even a 50mm!

  4. Nancy Phaup

    Great Finder! I used to own an old Leica Universal viewfinder, it was dim and faded when I looked through it. I just recieved THIS Universal Finder and it is GREAT. The image is clear and easy to see, 100% better than the old Leica one I used to have. I swear I would toss out any old Leica finder you might have in a drawer and buy this one quick!

    Nancy Phaup

  5. Carl Moss

    I’m pleased to say I got this from Yuri yesterday. What a fantastic little gadget! It’s in super condition, has a nice sharp and bright image and is a joy to use.

    I have a Leica D-LUX 4 that this is going to be a fixture on. IMHO it’s a much better choice than than the Leica viewfinder which costs the earth and has a fixed focal length – which is of limited use when you have a zoom lens.

  6. Jesse Hearndon

    Must have for any FED or Kiev with wide and tele lenses! This thing was cheery and extremely clear, I have a 35 and 85 Jupiter on my FEDs and this is the way to go. If you buy all the finders separately you will pay more than just getting the turret finder. It has nice framelines too! Skip eBay, get it from Yuri!

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