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The Sputnik (travel companion or fellow traveler in Russian) is yet another classic Russian camera. You can take six 6×6 stereo pairs on a standard 120 rollfilm. Of course, the film has to be advanced to every odd numbered frame (1, 3, 5 etc). The camera is made by LOMO. As its predecessor, Lubitel, Sputnik was made of Bakelite and had a waist-level reflex finder with a central ground glass focusing spot. All three lenses are gear coupled and can be focused down to 1.3 m.

  • Shutter speeds are: B, 1/10 – 1/100.
  • Taking lenses: T (Triplet)-22, coated, f=7.5 cm, 1:4.5, aperture settings from 4.5 to 22.
  • The camera has a self-timer and a PC flash terminal.

The Sputnik comes complete with its original case (the caps you see on the picture are not included with this Sputnik, as it comes with a case).

This Sputnik is a great user,  a classic and uncommon Soviet collectible camera.

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