MTO-1000, 1000/10 Mirror Lens, M42 or 39mm, Early


MTO-1000, 1000/10 Mirror Lens, M42 or 39mm, Early

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The Russian MTO-1000
is a truly magnificent sample
of Soviet-era engineering and workmanship. It is an extreme telephoto mirror
lens based on the design of a known Soviet engineer Maksutov. “MTO”
stands for “Maksutov’s Tele Ob’ektiv”. This is original, early MTO-1000,
the largest and heaviest lens made in the USSR. Later versions of this lens
were much lighter and somewhat smaller, they came is vinyl cases, but this MTO-1000
weighs 3.9 kg (8.6 lbs!) and comes in an instrument-type wooden case.

Lens’ Specifications

  • Focal length
1000 mm
  • Aperture
1:10 (fixed, this design does not allow for variable aperture)
  • Field of coverage
(because of such narrow
angle, the lens is quite hard to point to the right object, so it is equipped
with an iron sight)
  • Focusing
10 m – Infinity
(the lenses of this design
may focus past infinity, this is done to compensate for thermal
  • Filter size
  • Optical registration (back focus)
0.02 mm
  • Mount

M39x1 Zenit SLR Mount, M39 to M42 Adapter is included, this lens can be used with any M42 camera body.

  • Dimensions
Max diameter: 158mm (6.4″),
Length: 260mm (10.6″)
  • Weight
3.9 kg (8.6 lbs) without case
  • The glass is coated; the barrel is finished in tough black enamel


This MTO-100 was made in 1960. It is in EXC- condition, the barrel shows
little use, just a few paint scuffs. The glass is clear and clean.
The focusing is smooth.

You will need a sturdy tripod to shoot with this lens.



  • MTO-1000 Lens
  • Front Cap (metal)
  • Lens Shade (metal)
  • Wooden Case


The lens is shown mounted on a Zenit (not included). In this case this is the
camera that is mounted, not the lens! This MTO-1000 can be used with any 39
mm mount Zenit (models Zenit, Zenit-S, Zenit-3, Kristall, Zenit-3M, early Zenit-E).
With a 39/42 mm adapter (not included) the lens can be used with M42 cameras.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs


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