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The Moskva-2 (MOCKBA-2 in Russian) is a well-known Soviet-made Super-Ikonta C copy. This model was in production at KMZ plant from 1947 to 1956.

The camera uses standard 120 film and produces eight 6×9 frames. It has a coupled rangefinder, a hinged back door and a double exposure prevention mechanism.

Lens: Industar-23, F=11 cm, 1:4.5 (aperture settings from 4.5 to 32).
Shutter: Moment-1; Speeds: B, 1- 1/250.

Moskva-2 was sold without a case, and this explains why most of these cameras have worn exterior. They are much cleaner inside though.

This is a very capable user and a great collectible. Back in the 50’s, Moskva-2 was an expensive and prestigious high class camera used mostly by the professional photographers. You could often find a photographer with a tripod mounted Moskva at many tourist attractions. It was mostly used for high quality group portraits.

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  1. David Coombes

    My Moskva-2 arrived prompty in sturdy packaging. Great service again from Fedka!

    The camera itself takes a bit of figuring out but I managed to put a roll of velvia 100 through it and I’m very excited about the results. The 9*6 slides are huge!! I need to figure out how to scan these now….

    Taking the camera out of the smelly case results in a unit that fits easily in a coat pocket. With the lens closed its bigger than a leica copy with about half the thickness due to no lens sticking out, so it actually fits better in some pockets that my zorki. Obviously you can’t put a 35mm slr in a pocket…..

    Pressing the button that causes the camera to pop open is the coolest thing ever. The flip up ranger finder is very cool too.
    Its quite simply a mechanical monster thats fun to play with!

    So thats the good… heres the not so good…

    It doesn’t have a cable release and the tripod mount in landscape mode is pretty flimsy….also the viewfinder isn’t the greatest and the 10cm lens not particularly wide… so as a tool for landscape photography its not all that great… but hey for $100 who’s complaining? Not me!

    So all in all… its a fun camera to use thats obviously capable of taking some great pictures under the right conditions and I’ll be having a lot of fun with it!


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