Lens Hood, 42mm, Plastic, for 40.5mm Lenses

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Lens Hood, 42mm, Plastic, for 40.5mm Lenses

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This 42mm slip-on plastic lens hood was made by FED primarily for use on its Industar-61LD lens.

But this lens hood also fits many Russian normal lenses with the 40.5mm filter thread, such as Jupiter-8 (all versions), Jupiter-3 (all versions), Jupiter-11 (all versions), Industar-26m, Industar-61, Industar-61LD and some others.

Please ask us if you are not sure about your lens. The lens hood fits on the outside surface of the filter ring.

The lens hood was made in the 1990’s by the FED factory. It has been long discontinued since then, but a NOS (new old stock) lot was found by our suppliers in Ukraine.

The camera and lens are shown for illustration and are not included.

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3 reviews for Lens Hood, 42mm, Plastic, for 40.5mm Lenses

  1. John Floars

    For the price, this hood is hard to beat. Be advised, however, that it uses a friction, not screw, mount. So the user should take care that it doesn’t get knocked off the lens.

  2. Jim Blackie

    For the price, as stated, it is hard to beat. I just want to emphasize that it does not screw on, but uses pressure – you wiggle and force it on the front of the lens, and if, like me, you drop the camera back into your bag when done, the shade will get knocked off. I bought 2, now wishing I’d only have bought the one. Still, if you walk about with the camera around your neck, it should be fine. A wrist strap? I’d fear it would get bumped off without my noticing.

  3. Robert Turner

    I ordered this item mostly for my industar 61, but I is very useful on many of cameras which it fits. My main (minor) problems with it are that it can fall off rather easily if your not careful (on most lenses it is a tight fit, so its not such a problem) and that it doesn’t rotate with the lens if they have a rotating front element, but for less than 3 dollars, I really cant complain!

    Yuri’s customer service is also excellent, he is easy to communicate with and my item came within day (I live in the UK, so I was expecting a week or so). Recommended!

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