Leica M to 39mm (LTM) Adapter, Japan

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Leica M to 39mm (LTM) Adapter, Japan

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This adapter allows use of LTM lenses (39mm Leica mount thread) on the M-mount bodies.

The adapter is made of brass with chrome plating.

The adapter is available in 3 variations. Each one will enable certain frame in your camera’s viewfinder. Please consult the chart below and select the version you need from the Available Options pull-down menu.

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2 reviews for Leica M to 39mm (LTM) Adapter, Japan

  1. Mukul Dube

    I have had two of Fedka’s M adapters for some years. As I found them no different in use from the Leitz ones I had earlier, I have just bought a third. They are not cheap, but I value quality and precision.

  2. Huss Hardan

    I bought the 50/75 adapter to mount a Rollei 40 F2.8 lens on my Minolta CLE. The information chart showed that it would bring up the 28 and 40mm frame lines, which it did, which is good.
    But the chart also shows that it should bring up the 50mm frame lines on my M5. It does not, it actually brings up a weird assortment of multiple incomplete frame lines.
    Out of curiosity I put it on my M240 to see what would happen. On that camera it brings up the 50 and 75, but the 75 lines are incomplete.

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