Finder Universal, 28-135 mm, Early “Reversed”

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Finder Universal, 28-135 mm, Early “Reversed”

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This is a Soviet made Zeiss type Universal Finder , a well constructed and convenient accessory for your rangefinder. This
accessory is one of the best items made by the Soviet photo industry.

  • Supports the following focal lengths: 28, 35, 50, 85 and 135 mm.
  • Parallax correcting marks on the turret dial (down to 1 m) and a crosshair on the image screen.
  • This finder is commonly used
    with the Soviet Leica and Contax copies, but can be used with any rangefinder – it mounts in the accessory shoe.

This is an early finder, made in the 1950’s, so-called “reversed” type. It is symmetrical to the common Universal Finder. This design allows better access to the control dials on some rangefinders. A small number of the ‘reversed” finders was made, and this model is very uncommon.

Camera and lens are not included, shown for illustration only.

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1 review for Finder Universal, 28-135 mm, Early “Reversed”

  1. David Factor

    Kiev/Arsenal Universal Finder 28-135mm. Early “Reversed” Model:
    Finder is in mint condition, very hard to find. Don’t know how Yuri does it. Appears unused, optically clear, unblemished. Came with fitted bakelite case. Listed as “good” condition-an understatement.
    Two important things to know about the Kiev finder:
    1) Early version was designed specially for Kiev/Contax, interferes with Fed/Zorki/Leica shutter-speed dial.
    2) Late version interferes with Kiev/Contax rewind knob, but fits Fed/Zorki/Leica.
    Either version of Kiev/Arsenal finder is superior to Leica’s. Instead of increasingly smaller keyholes like Leitz finder, Kiev finder shows clear, magnified images with neatly outlined image area. Like all Soviet Russian lenses, optics are superb. 5 stars!

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