Design and Repair of Cameras by Isaak Maizenberg (Russian)


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This is a rare find – the original camera repair book by Isaak Maizenberg.
The book was written by the preeminent expert in the field. Isaak Maizenberg started writing books and articles on the Soviet cameras in the early 60’s. His books sold quickly and his articles in Sovetskoe Foto were a great relief from the massive propaganda the magazine was all about.

The 3rd edition of his book had 440 pages; it was published in the USSR (Ukraine) in 1964. This edition was a foundation for his well-known English book, All You Need to Know About Design and Repair of Russian Cameras published in 1996. Unfortunately, this book is almost impossible to find now.

The book covers design and repair the following Soviet cameras:
Moskva-2, -4, -5
Lubitel, Lubitel-2, Sputnik
Smena (many models), Vesna
FED, FED-2, FED-3, Zarya
Zorki, Zorki-2, -S, -2S, -3, -3M, -3C, -4, 5, -6, Mir
Kiev-2, -3, -4
Zenit family
Other cameras and common lenses are described as well.
Since the Zorki and FED are exact Leica II(D) copies, and the Kiev is an exact prewar Contax copy, the book is a great resource for those who want to learn Leica and Contax repair.
The book presents all the information you’ll need – nothing is omitted. You will learn how to completely disassemble cameras, how to troubleshoot them and how to fix problems. There are also chapters on the most complicated topics, including repair of the Kiev (Contax) shutters.
If you are looking for something less challenging, for example, rangefinder calibration on a FED or Moskva, you’ll find all the information you need in this great reference. Only one copy is available at this time.

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