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Kiev-4am Body

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The Kiev-4am was the last production Contax II type camera made by Arsenal plant in Kiev (Ukraine).
Together with the Kiev-4m, it was in production till 1987, when Zavod Arsenal finally ended the glorious line of Contax copies.

Contax design was so solid, it was hard to improve. So the engineers of Arsenal plant could only introduce some cosmetic changes to the Kiev-4. They made it look more modern – the shutter and rewind knobs became black, and a crank was added to the rewind
button. The camera was also equipped with a new, faster lens – Helios-103, 53/1.8. The lens is a great performer and has a very nice and smooth aperture dial with click-stops. Another improvement was a hot shoe; a PC socket was still on its usual place. The camera had a new, built-it take-u

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4 reviews for Kiev-4am Body

  1. Nicholas Stevenson

    What can i say ! is a he described and to be honest i never have had a Kiev in such good condition it will be a pleasure to use

  2. Michael McCullough

    This is a great camera and I can’t believe how quickly it arrived. I ran a roll through it this morning and was very pleased with the results. Thanks so much!

  3. George Osier

    Kiev 4a body in fantastic condition. Great pic taker with Jupiter 8. Thanks Yuri !!!

  4. Olivier Sylvestre

    This is a BEAUTIFUL camera! I love mine! Just received it from Fedka along with a Helios lens! Yuri gives the best service you could ever have. It feels small, not to heavy for me, compact and tough. I wouldn’t trow it from my car’s window on the highway, I cherish it too much for that, but it feels like it could survive even to this. I love FSU rangefinders and I assure you: get a good Zorki, Kiev or Fed from Fedka, and you’ll buy a much better camera than any old pre M leica you’ll find on ebay. And it will be serviced and cleaned from your expert. Get a piece of history… Or two like I did and trust Fedka for buying your USSR cameras!

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