Jupiter-3, 50/1.5 Black, Passport, EXC+

Russian Jupiter-3 lens in Leica Threadmount

This lens is a copy of a Zeiss Sonnar 50/1.5. It was initially made for the Kiev line in Contax/Kiev bayonet mount and later produced in Leica thread mount.

  • Focal length

52.4 mm

  • Aperture

1:1.5 (steps from 1.5 to 22)

  • Focusing

1 m - Infinity

  • Filter size

M40.5x0.5 mm

  • Optical registration (back focus)

28.8? 0.02 mm

  • Mount

M39x1 mm (LTM). The lens mounts and RF couples with any Leica or Leica copy (FED, Zorki etc.)

  • The glass is coated, the barrel has black finish.

The lens is in EXC+ condition.

The Jupiter-3 comes with both caps. The original factory passport is also included.

The Jupiter-3 is relatively uncommon and was sold as a high-end option on some Zorki cameras (Zorki, Zorki-2S, Zorki-3 to name a few).

The lens is shown mounted on a Leica IIIc (not included).


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