Mir-1, 39 mm SLR Mount

The Russian Mir-1 is a high quality wide angle lens for the Soviet SLR cameras.
This Mir-1 was made for the early Zenit SLRs (Zenit, Zenit-S, Zenit-3, Zenit-3M, Kristall and some early Zenit-E), but its optical registration (back focus) is the same as in the Universal Pentax Screw Mount, so with a simple 39 to 42 mm adapter ring (not included but can be made or found) the lens can be used with any 42 mm Pentax Screwmount camera.
Also, with a special adapter, this lens can be used with the Start.
The lens' design was awarded Grand Prix at Brussels World Fair in 1958 and every Mir-1 has a "GRAND PRIX" Brussels 1958" engraving on the lens barrel.
    • Focal length

37 mm

    • Aperture

1:2.8 (settings from 2.8 to 16), "Preset" type: One ring is for the aperture settings (with click-stops), the other opens the aperture and closes it to the pre-selected value.

    • Field of coverage


    • Focusing

0.7m -infinity

    • Filter size

M49x0.5 mm

    • Optical Design

6 elements in 4 groups

    • Optical registration (back focus)

45.2 mm

    • Mount

M39x1 mm. This is the same mount as in the Leica ThreadMount Lenses, but the optical registration is different, ( Universal/Pentax/Praktica/Zenit mount).

    • The glass is coated; the barrel has a polished aluminum/chrome finish
The lens was made in 1967.
The Mir-1 comes with the front (metal) and rear (plastic) lenscaps.
The lens is shown mounted on a Zenit camera (not included).

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