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Kiev-30, 16 mm Submini, Passport, Box

Russian Kiev-30 16 mm Submini Camera

In 1960 Arsenal factory in Kiev, Ukraine decided to add a 16 mm still camera to their well known 35 mm Kievs (Contax copies) and medium format Salyuts (Hasselblad copies). This time is was Minolta-16, which served as a prototype. The original 16 mm line included Kiev-Vega (1960-1961) and Kiev-Vega 2 (1961-1964). Then, in 1974 this model returned as a new and improved Kiev-30.

I've seen eBay ads calling this camera a KGB or a spy camera. Well, the KGB and the spies did better than this. The 16mm Kievs were nice small cameras, but not as advanced as the real KGB equipment - F-21.

Technical Characteristics


Shutter Speeds

1/30, 1/60, 1/200

Shutter Type

Metal blade, horizontal movement.

Industar-M, 23mm, f:3.5, Aperture settings 3.5 to 11


0.5m - Infinity

Flash Synch


Film Type
16 mm unperforated

Film capacity

45cm (17 frames) or 65cm (25 frames)

Frame Format
Body Finish
Black Enamel, Chrome

This Kiev-30 was made in 1980. It is in exc. condition, clean and working.

Included in the set:

  • Kiev-30 16 mm camera with a strap .
  • Camera case .
  • Film cassette.
  • Original User's manual with passport
  • Original factory box

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