Soviet Photo Magazine, March 1964

Sovetskoe Foto (Soviet Photo) was the only photo magazine available to photo professionals and amateurs in the Soviet Union. Like any other publication, it was state-run and heavily political, yet another outlet for Communist propaganda.

And as in any other publication, the pictures and articles in Sovetskoe Foto were censored and had only one purpose - to show the greatness of the Soviet Union, the Soviet government, and the Soviet working people. State censorship had one benefit - since it was done mostly by professionals, low quality pictures and articles never made it to print.

These old magazines have great historical value - one can see life in the Soviet Union at the time it was heavily guarded under the Iron Curtain. The Soviet Photo issues are the jewels of my collection; I value them more than many of my rare cameras. Only a few duplicate issues are offered for sale.

The March 1964 issue is 22.5x29 cm (9x11.5") and contains 48 pages, it is in good condition.

A few feature articles:

  • Official Propaganda (about Russian women)
  • Estonia Photo Report
  • New Cameras (Zenit-5 among them)
  • Photo essay about Prague
  • ...many more artic les and photos



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Soviet Photo Magazine, December 1964
Soviet Photo Magazine, December 1964
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1 x Soviet Photo Magazine, March 1964
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