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The Mir (translated as World or Peace - choose one) is one of the less known Leica type rangefinders. When Krasnogorsk Plant started making Mir in 1959, the idea was simple - to modify the Zorki-4 by removing the slow speed mechanism, rename it to Mir and sell it cheaper. This idea would work in a market-driven economy, but in the USSR, where prices were determined by the government, this did not make any sense, and KMZ dropped the Mir in 1961 to stay with the Zorki-4.

The Mir is one of my favorite Zorkis; you get all the great features of the Zorki-4 without slow speed mechanism. I never found much use for slow speeds, and slow speed mechanisms in Soviet cameras can develop problebs and may eventually require service.

This camera has the following features - a removable back cover, a rangefinder coupled with a large and bright viewfinder, a dioptric adjustment of the viewfinder, a self-timer and strap lugs. It also features a PC flash socket; the flash sync timing can be set for both electronic flash and a flash bulb. The body and the back cover were cast, which made the camera rigid and stable.

As any Soviet Leica type camera, Mir is compatible with any 39 mm Leica TM lens.

  • Shutter speeds: B, 1/30 - 1/500. There is a dot in place of the 1/1000 speed of the Zorki-4 and the shutter dial can be set in that position. I suspect the top speed of the shutter is 1/1000, but it marked only up to 1/500.
  • Lens: Industar-50, f = 50 mm, 1:3.5, coated, polished aluminum finish, 39 mm Leica thread mount.
  • This Mir was made in 1959. The camera is in GOOD+ condition. The RF/VF is clear and contrasty; the shutter is working on all speeds. The leatherette is complete, the chrome is clean overall. There are some paint rubs on the edges of the body and some brassing on the edges of the bottom plate (this is caused by the case). There are some dust specks inside, but they are not severe to affect image quality.

    The camera comes complete with a take-up spool, a metal lenscap and a clean leather case.

    This Mir comes with the original instruction manual in Russian and a passport - manufacturer's specification sheet with the serial numbers of the camera and lens and the date it passed KMZ's Quality Control Department.

    The Mir is quite uncommon, it is a great user and a desirable collectible Leica type camera. You get a solid body for your LTM lenses, and you can use its sharp Industar-50 with your Leica screwmount body.

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