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Slava, Split Time Stopwatch


This is an awesome Russian made stopwatch, the SLAVA brand. This stopwatch is well made, it is large, solid and heavy. The body is finished in a mirror-polished chrome.

The movement has 20 jewels (rubies). I am not making this up - this is written in the instruction (please note: the instruction is not included, but I had the same model with the instruction, so all the data and specs are verified).

The instrument has two second arms and one minute arm and allows to time two events (split time).

It was made at the 2nd Moscow Watch Factory - one of the leading watchmakers of the [former] Soviet Union. I do not know it s age, but I'd guess it was made in the mid 80's.

  • Unit diameter

65 mm (2.5")

  • Accuracy

? 0.4 s in 30 min, ? 0.2 s in 30 s

  • Dial Units

0.1 s

  • Main Dial Capacity

30 s

  • Minute Dial Capacity

30 min

  • Working time from one winding

6 hours

The stopwatch has three buttons - start/stop, second arm stop, reset.

How it works: Top (large) knob pressed - start, left side knob pressed - one arm stops, 2nd second and minute arms are moving. Left side knob pressed again - the first arm jumps and becomes aligned with the moving one (they are moving together now). Top knob pressed to stop, right side knob is pressed to reset.

Marked "MADE IN USSR" (in Russian).

The stopwatch shows some use, there are minor scuffs on the glass and the polished chrome. The watch is clean overall and fully functional.



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