Zorki-6, As Is

Russian Leica Type Camera, Zorki - 6

The Zorki-6 is one of the less known Soviet Leicas. I consider it (and its predecessor Zorki-5) as one of the best Zorkis ever made. It has a set of attractive features and differs from an early Zorkis in the same way FED-2 differs from the early FEDs. It features a new, wide base rangefinder combined with a viewfinder, a dioptric adjustment of the viewfinder and strap lugs.

The Zorki-6 also introduced an advance lever which replaced the traditional knob on early Leica copies. Unlike the bottom loading Zorki-5, Zorki-6 has a hinged back door and a built-in take-up spool. Some people call it a Leica M3 copy, but this is a stretch. Nothing I know comes close to a Leica M3.

As any Soviet Leica copy, Zorki-6 is compatible with the 39 mm Leica TM lenses.

  • Shutter speeds - B, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500.
  • Lens - rigid Industar-50, F=5 cm, 1:3.5.
  • Crank winding lever (introduced in Zorki-5)
  • Wide rangefinder base (same as in FED-2)
  • Self-timer (Introduced in Zorki-2S)
  • Dioptric adjustment of the VF/RF (as in FED-2)
  • Combined RF/VF (as in Zorki-4)
  • Shutter speed setting before of after the film is wound and the shutter is cocked (as in Zorki-S)
  • Hinged back door and built-in take-up spool (introduced first with this model).
  • 2 PC terminals - for electronic flash and for a flashbulb (as in Zorki-5).

As well as any Soviet Leica copy, the Zorki-6 is a rugged and precision camera, equipped with a sharp lens. It is capable of taking advantage of modern films, and is simply a great fun to use.

The camera was made in 1961 by the Krasnogorsk plant (KMZ).

This Zorki-6 comes with a take-up spool (built-in) and a leather case.

Why As Is: The winding lever on this Zorki-6 is very tight and it does not return in the orignal position when wound. The shutter, however, is working. The lens has many cleaning marks on the front element, they will probably soften the image somewhat. The camera is clean overall.

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